Our Services

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           Marriage Agency Ukraine "Marriage Abroad" offer the next kinds of services:

Bride searching:

- Preparation information about you for publishing;
- Translation information about you on russian/ukrainian languages;
- Publishing and Advertising information about you in Ukraine (web, local newspapers, etc.);


- Receiving e-mail and calls received from girls;
- Sorting e-mail and calls received from girls;
- Translation e-mail and calls received from girls;
- Forwarding to you all information received from the girls;

Data verification:

- Girls data checking;
- Girls data analysys;
- Girls data confirmation;

Organization the meetings in Ukraine:

- Organization and planning your trip;
- Meet in airport;
- Hotel/apartment reservation;
- Interpreter assistance;
- Guide services;
- Other addidtional services (if necessary);

Marriage organization:

- Family law consulting;
- Legal support;
- Marriage date reservation;
- Assistance with documents and reservations;
- Events organization;
- Other addidtional services (if necessary);